Meeting our goals

Meeting our goals

My daughter Kennedy was initially seen by Toddler Learning Center, [now called Steps] when she was about 7 months old.

She was diagnosed with mild hearing loss at Seattle Children’s Hospital when she was about 6 months old and was immediately given a referral for the birth to 3 program in my area, Toddler Learning Center.

I was born and raised in Oak Harbor and it wasn’t until after having my second child, that I was made aware of Toddler Learning Center, [TLC]. During my initial visit with TLC I was met with kindness, and the Family Resources Coordinator [FRC] was able to come out to Kennedy’s grandparents home.

Typically, visits were done in home, but they accommodated our request as it was a natural environment for Kennedy. I also wanted her grandparents since they were the primary caregivers while I was at work.   The process was somewhat confusing in the beginning with paper work and fancy lingo, but the FRC was willing to answer any of my questions.

When creating Kennedy’s parent plan, I was involved in each step of the process.

TLC was great about listening to my concerns and implementing them in her goals. My initial goal was to make sure Kennedy was meeting her milestones, but as she got older, that goal changed to helping her with her expressive language. As Kennedy conquered each goal, new goals were defined to meet her needs.

Kennedy was paired with Tess White, an Infant Toddler Educator with TLC, and Kerianne Christie a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth with CDHY.  Both ladies were wonderful in helping Kennedy achieve her goals.

Tess was a great advocate for myself and Kennedy, and taught me how to be an even better advocate for Kennedy.

She provided exercises that we could do in our everyday life even as a mom of 3. I couldn’t have asked for better support!

Kennedy has since moved on to a special education preschool program thanks to TLC. Due to my experience and new knowledge of TLC, I have chosen to work with TLC in a professional capacity as a Family Resources Coordinator to help other parents advocate for their children.


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